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Thursday, 12 October 2017
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There are several amateur art collectives in Balvi district and Balvi city, in which residents of the district are taking part. The activities of cultural life in Balvi district and city involve art, music, theatre and dancing.

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The cultural life in Balvi city is in the hands of Balvi Culture and Recreational Centre, the main tasks of which are to develop, to cultivate and to promote, to organize and to support folk arts and the creative work of other amateur collectives, aligning with the cultural events and folk art activities of the city, district and state.

The cultural life in the civil parishes of Balvi district is formed by 10 folk houses, thus providing an opportunity for all the residents of the district to visit seminars, lectures, to take part in amateur events and to actively spend their spare time.

img 002The pride of the district is Balvi Music School and its National Brass Band, that is gaining results of international level, and that has just celebrated its 60th anniversary. Eglons Salmanis has been the director of Balvi Music School Brass Band since 1993, but since 1997 also the Director of Balvi Music School. The Band often performs both in Balvi and in its district, as well as elsewhere in Latvia and outside the state borders.

img 003Balvi District Museum has been founded in 1989 and since 2010 it is located in the reconstructed barn of Balvi manor house that gives it a historical aura. Here side by side stand the basement arcs constructed by the manor house people and the exhibition halls with roof windows; old barn doors, made of 200 years old tree and furniture crafted by the local masters; exhibitions that tell about the ancient history of the district, and the new outlook on life by the young artists. There are more than 23 thousand units stored by the museum. In 2015 a cross-border project was implemented, as a result of which digital expositions of Northern Latgale nonmaterial cultural heritage can now be viewed at Balvi District Museum.

In Balvi district there is Balvi Central Library, Balvi branch of “Latvian Library for the Blind” and ten branch libraries in civil parishes. Computer courses regularly take place in the libraries, and residents also use Internet available there. One of Balvi Central Library directions is study of local history and cultural history, which includes the entire Balvi district. Every month Balvi Central Library organises monthly meetings with various poets, writers, organises book fairs, exhibitions of paintings, ceramics and other objects, as well as organises activities for children and youth.


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