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Thursday, 12 October 2017
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Educated children and youth is the future of Balvi. This field in Balvi district is monitored by the Administration of Education, Culture and Sports, the functions of which include provision of opportunities to acquire pre-school education and basic education for children living in the territory of the district in the closest educational institution to the child’s place of residence, provision of opportunities for youth to acquire secondary and professional education, provision of opportunities to acquire cultural education, support of extracurricular events, provision of children’s camps, provision of opportunities to acquire education for adults closer to their place of residence – in Balvi, provision of the opportunity for children, youth, adults to participate in sports activities and culture events. Active young people live in Balvi district, who are eager to learn in art, music and sports schools, gaining good results in local, national and international level.

5 pre-school educational institutions operate in Balvi.

  1. Balvi Pre-School Educational Institution “Pīlādzītis”
  2. Balvi Pre-School Educational Institution “Sienāzītis”
  3. Kubuli Pre-School Educational Institution “Ieviņa”
  4. Bērzkalne Pre-School Educational Institution
  5. Tilža Pre-School Educational Institution

In Balvi district it is possible to study at general education schools, as well as to obtain professional education. Balvi District Municipality takes care that the school would be close to the students’ place of residence, therefore in three civil parishes, where the number of children and young people is small, braches of the schools are provided.

  1. Balvi State Gymnasium
  2. Balvi Secondary School of Professional and General Education
  3. Balvi Elementary School
  4. Bērzpils Secondary School
  5. Station Elementary School
  6. Tilža Secondary School
  7. Krišjāņi Branch of Bērzpils Secondary School
  8. Vīksna Branch of Station Elementary School
  9. Vectilža Branch of Tilža Secondary School
  10. Balvi territorial structural unit of Professional Education Competency Centre “Riga State Technical School”

Also three schools of professional direction operate in Balvi – sports, music and art schools, as well as Balvi Centre for Children and Youth.

  1. Balvi Sports Schools
  2. Balvi Art School
  3. Balvi Music School
  4. Balvi Centre for Children and Youth offers wide choice of extracurricular activities for children and young people.


Administration of Education, Culture and Sports
Bērzpils iela 1a, Balvi, LV-4501 Latvia
Phone + 371 64521083, + 371 29437260
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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