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Thursday, 12 October 2017
Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 October 2017 14:11

img 011The promoter of economics and business, the provider of support and the assistant in creating new companies in Balvi is Balvi District Municipality Agency “Northern Latgale Business and Tourism Centre”. The vision of Agency is to be a sustainable cooperation partner between the municipality, the entrepreneur and the investor. Very often various seminars for domestic producers, craftsmen, farmers and entrepreneurs are organised at Northern Latgale Business and Tourism Centre, to which experts and lecturers are invited, who provide their competent knowledge about the fields they represent, and also international conferences take place there.

Agency opens its doors to anyone – if you visit the Agency you will receive information about tourism, various informative materials, you will be introduced to the tourism routes and you will receive answers to all the questions you might be interested in regarding the issues of entrepreneurship and tourism.

Active and enterprising people should always be appreciated. There are entrepreneurs in Balvi district, who produce goods, provide services, and provide work. The main fields of entrepreneurship in the district are agriculture, logging, wood processing, forestry, construction of residential and non-residential buildings, retail sales. Agriculture companies with the largest turnover are SIA “Liepas Z”, SIA “Lazdas”, Z/S “Pīlādži”, Z/S “Doburūči”, Z/S “Ābelītes 2002”. In the field of logging and wood processing the most active companies are SIA “TAKO SD”, SIA “Bovis”, SIA “Prime-mover”, SIA “Aldrai”, SIA “Dampadruvas buki”. The largest forestry companies are Z/S “Pauguri”, SIA “Raibra”, SIA “Balvu mežierīcības un konsultāciju centrs”, Z/S “Kalnāji”, SIA “Žogmales”. The most active companies that engage in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings are SIA “Dienvidu Celtnieks”, SIA “Kalna Nami”, SIA “Veskor”, SIA “Amati”, SIA “Kadiķi KGB”, but the largest companies in retail sales are SIA “Senda Dz”, SIA “Bermudi”, SIA “Tik-Tak 1”, SIA “Lekos”, SIA “Hestija”.

Information about these and other tourism options is available in Balvi District Municipality Agency “Northern Latgale Business and Tourism Centre”, that is located at 2B Vidzemes Street in Balvi. Tourism organiser: Ineta, phone: +371 29272948. Visit home page - or at Tilža Cultural History Research and Tourism Centre, that is located at 5 Brīvības Street, in Tilža, Tilža civil parish, Balvi District. Phone: 26545870


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