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Monday, 19 March 2012
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Bērzpils parish is located in the southwestern part of Balvi municipality. It is bordering with Tilža and Krišjāņi parishes of Balvi municipality, Rugāji municipality, Rēzekne municipality, Lubāna municipality and Madona municipality.

Pages of Bērzpils parish history can be detachable to the Stone Age, when hunters' and fishermen settlement were on the banks of river Iča, which is also one of the oldest settlements in Latvia. Also same word Bērzpils name was used in different ways: Birži, Bērzene, Bērzīne, Bērži, Berezneuntil it gain current name.

Parish center is settled place Bērzpils which is located at auto road of the first class Rēzekne-Gulbene. Area of Bērzpils parish is 127.7 km2.

The most important objects of social infrastructure are administrative house of parish, library, meeting house, the post office, secondary school, sports house, doctor house.

Bērzpils secondary school is only school in this parish.

There are 16 protected heritage monuments in the area of parish. One of the most outstanding is the St. Anne's Bērži Roman Catholic Church. Crucifixes have an important role in the local environment - they are 14 crucifixes in the parish. Annually in the May there are mental chants approximately next to 6 crucifixes.

Parish of Bērzpils is proud of its people. One of them is ceramists Jolanta and Valdis Dundenieki who are well known with their works. Ceramists don’t go way of modern pottery, but they maintain authentic secret of Latgale pottery.

“Song for Bērzpils (Dziesma Bērzpilij)” is the largest cultural event. During 20 years people from Rēzekne, Ludza, Valka, Gulbene, Aizkraukle and Rīga took place in this contest. Contest aim is to promote creative growth of people, to find new talents, popularize light music.

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