Briežuciems parish

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Monday, 19 March 2012
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Total area of Briežuciems parishis 8276 ha, number of inhabitants are 642.

The largest populated villages in the parishare Grūšļeva, Dambergi, Pūšļeva, Cērpene, Augstasils. Most of the area in the parishis covered by agricultural lands - 51%, forests are 22, 5%. Relatively large area is covered by bogs of Lutenāni and Blauzgova.

The most important objects of social infrastructure are administrative house of parish, primary school of Briežuciems, library, people's house, doctor’s assistant place and the post office.

Parishsymbols were created historically. There is a village called Briežusala in the parishof Briežuciems, once there were big forest instead of village, deer and elks were living on the small islands in the forest. Over the years forest was cut, farmers tend their home. Today there is no forest. Also there is no deer but name Briežusala has left and image of deer’s are used as a symbol of informative reports.

The largest value of parishis people who are working in their households and farms. 40%  of farms are biologically certified farms. The main businesses are cultivation of grain, breeding of dairy animal, pigs and meat cattle. The largest farm is „Pīlādži”, which is managing with more than 500 ha of land, growing cereals and oilseed rape; they provide several jobs for parishinhabitants. Farm „Iesalnieki’’ is the largest dairy cattle breeding farm in the parish. Farm „Austrumozoli” is practicing in cultivation of grain and they provide excavator services. Farm „Papardes” is practicing in cereal and rape production, there is tended beautiful natural place in the village of Ausalas in the crossroads of road Tilža- Baltinava-Breksene.

The oldest Northen Latgale ethnographic ensamble -  Briežuciems etnographic ensemble is working in the culture house, ar well as children and youth folk group “Soldanī”, adult dramatic collective “Sipiņi”, children's dramatic collective, singing collective, modern dance group “Kaprīze”, the average generation dance collective “Pāris” and collective of line-dances. There is active work in the weaving workshop;  the parishhas its own bakers and celebrations hostess, musicians, master craftsmen, needlewomen and artists.

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