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Monday, 19 March 2012
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Krišjāņi parish is the smallest parish in the Balvi municipality according to number of inhabitants; it is located in the tuck of 8 rivers in the north part of municipality. It is located 60 km from Balvi town.

Parish is surrounded by large all-round forest area. The area is 71 km². In the beginning of 2009 there were 432 inhabitants in the parish. The most part of the parish inhabitants live in the Krišjāņi village, the rest of them live in historically established settlements - Mežupe, Vakšenieki, Runcene, Zeltupe, Vītoli, Krampiņas, Naglīši, Putrāni and Žogi.

The most important objects of social infrastructure are parish administrative house, library, culture house, primary school, doctor`s assistant place and post office.

Most of inhabitants are practicing in agriculture and wood processing as well as in the municipality offices. There are several agricultural and biological farms, which specialize in the cattle breeding and agriculture. The largest farm is „Ausekļi”, which specialize in biological agriculture, cattle breeding and cultivation of grain; farm “Sijugals” specialize in the cultivation of grain; farm “Ičmalas” are breeding mammals, they are producing biological production and also specialize in the cultivation of grains.

Social life takes place in the Krišjāņi culture house and cultural events are also organized here; there are women vocal ensemble, dramatic collectives of adults, children and youth. In the parish there are annually organized artisans’ festival and dramatic collective nights „At Staburags of Krišjāņi (Pie krišjānu staburaga)”.

St. John Baptist Roman Catholic Church is located in the parish of Krišjāņi, as well as it is architectural monument of local meaning. Church was founded in 1933.

Staburgs of Krišjāņi is the most wonderful place in the shores of river Tilža. It is body sand steep bank of river Tilža which is surrounded by fir and pine forest. There is also facilitated rest place by SC “Latvia State Forests”(“Latvijas valsts meži”). Here are established arbor, place for campfire, small benches and stairs in the riverside.

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