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Monday, 19 March 2012
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Parish is located in the geographically good location, which is crossed by national and local roads which connect Kubuli with other cities of Latvia Republic - Gulbene, Alūksne, Valmiera, Cēsis and the capital of Latvia Republic Rīga. Auto road Gulbene-Vientuļi (Russian Federation border) leads from the west to the south

Total area of Kubuli parish is 16719.5 ha or 167, km². It is one of the largest parishes of Balvi municipality. The number of inhabitants in the 01.01.2011 was 1675.

Area of Kubuli parish is rich of waters – lakes of Balvi and Pērkoni which is connected by Bolupe. Rivers: Sita, Zaļčupe, Pelnupe, Liepupīte, Dvorupe, Dvorupe, Dzirla, Raganiņa and Kurna are making detours through the parish.

In the past big forest massif between river Sita and railway was called Kubuli, also the rail line Rīga-Pitalova was built through the woods. Right now railway line Rīga-Vecumi is crossing area of the municipality; it was closed in 2000 because it was considered as unprofitable. Railway line divides parish of Kubuli into two parts. There are ancient settled places in the southern part: Silaciems, Kurna, Zači, Guznava, Krasnogorka Tutinava, and Pērkoni (Pārkoni). Land which was bought from the manor settlements like Tropiņi, Celmene, Druvenieki, Fabrika and Gobusalawere included in Kubuli parish.

The largest parish businessmen are: Ltd „Igaunis” - company specializes in the Norwegian type “Stavlaft” building and log building manufacturing; company Ltd „Aiva V” basically specialize in the new, external and internal network mounting, as well as in the repair of current network; farm „Sīļi” – specializes in growing of vegetable and seeds of vegetable and flower in the covered areas. Several farms specialize in the grain cultivation and cattle breeding. Farms „Upeslīči”, „Zelči 2”, „Ozolsala” additional to agriculture specializes in the wood industry and produce briquettes of wood chips and rived wood.

There are two educational institutions in the parish-Kubuli pre-school educational institution “Ieviņa” and Stacija primary school. There is the sport hall next to the school and wide playground next to the kindergarten. There is parish administrative house in Kubuli and there is also doctor’s assistant place, Kubuli branch office of Balvi chemistry, a post office, library and cultural house. There are 2 shops and gas filling station in the Kubuli. As well as there is Old people house “Balvi” on the shores of lake Balvi in the area of Kubuli.

Kubuli culture house is the largest in Balvi municipality. Events of various measures are organized there according to interests of inhabitants- from childhood celebration till pensioners’ evenings. More than hundred amateur are performing there they are dancing in the five dance collectives and singing in two vocal ensembles. Amateurs were represented not only native municipality but also in Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia also guests from Russia, Estonia and Lithuania were visiting in Kubuli.

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