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Monday, 19 March 2012
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Tilža parish is called as the most Latvian parish, 94% of inhabitants are Latvian, 4% are Russian, 2% are people from other nationalities. Parish area is 10441 ha large. Administrative center of Tilža parish is located in the village of Tilža.

Earlier Tilža parish was known as Kokareva. In 1926 it was called in the name of the river, because village was located in the riverside. River Tilža is right cost feeder of river Iča with length of the 38 km, it flow out from the southern end of Vectilža Lake. There are two lakes in the area of the Tilža parish- Raicene and Ūdrene lakes.

There are parish administrative house, culture house, pre-school education institution, Tilža secondary school and Boarding-primary school as well as library in the Tilža parish.

Most people are practicing in agriculture. The most popular industries are dairy farming, crop farming, and forestry. Unconventional agricultures are beekeeping and fish farming.

The largest farms are- „Zemenes”, „Skujenieki”, „Ābelītes 2002”, „Doburūči”, Ltd „Tilžas rapsis”. In unconventional agriculture farms are „Silaunieki”, „Ezerlīči”, „Pauguri”.

St Joseph Roman Catholic Church is located in the parish of Tilža – it is one of the largest wooden churches, Tilža Evangelic Lutheran church, Tilža Orthodox Church and Baptist praying house.

Parish of Tilža is rich of its history, which have been studied and already collected since 1960th; it is available in the Cultural History Research and tourism center of Tilža.

Six artistically amateur collectives are performing in Tilža culture house, they unite more than 100 participants. In 2008 stage was built in the Tilža now it is place for summer events. Traditional event for Tilža is „Song review in Tilža (“Dziesmu parāde Tilžā)”.

Each summer there is sport celebration in the sportground of Tilža and this event unites people from Tilža parish and nearest parishes to different sport activities. Annually Klitončiki family organizes horse cart competition in their farm.

Family of Kaši in the farm „Ezerlīči” made significant lily and rock garden; where each stone has its own story. Garden visiting is popular place among travelers.

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