Vectilža parish

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Monday, 19 March 2012
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Parish area is 9086.4 ha or 90.9 km², the number of inhabitants are 485. Center of the parish is located in Vectilža village, the administrative centre of parish.

Historically area of Vectilža parish was part of Tilža parish and as a separate administrative unit it announced only for a short time (1958-1975), it was renewed in 1989. The largest inhabited places in the parish are Vectilža and Sudarbe.

Mainly parish inhabitants are working in their home and specialize in biological production, cattle breeding and cultivation of grains. The largest farms are „Upmala”, „Ozolzīles”, „Priedītes”, „Liepas”.

There are Tilža secondary school branch of Vectilža, pre-school children training as well as library.

Within the territory of parish there is European meaning specially protected area of Natura 2000, the nature reserve “Bog of Orlova (Ērgļi)”. Parish area is crossed by 10 km joint of river Tilža which marks as parish border in the several places. Lake Vectilža is the largest parish lake which is located in the central part of parish and long time ago village Vectilža was built in the riverside.

Vectilža parish is proud of it cultural life and parish cleanness. Since June of 2000 there is Sport and rest center. Traditionally since 2000 there is Parish sport festival with participation of many  inhabitants. Also there are traditions of harvest, childhood and maturity celebrations. Vectilža parish youth dance collective, folk group “Saime” and dramatic collective are performing there.

The parish name beyond its borders is also known by bakers Domicella Logina and Mārīte Lazorenko, which participated in the Bread baker festival which was organized by municilapity. Also nation musicians Vitālijs Ločmelis, Jānis Logins, Nikolajs Lazorenko and Elmārs Čakāns took part in the project “The promotion of cultural heritage in the Southern Latgale” organizing master workshop “Musician spark” (“Muzikantu dzierksts”) in the Vectilža. Delta glider rider- Andris Voicišs also make for name of Vectilža sound far away beyond its borders.

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