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Monday, 19 March 2012
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The total area of Vīksna parish is 122 km², the largest territory is covered by land and forests which are used in the agriculture but the land natural fertility is very low; this place is rocky and too wet. Not for nothing it is called Blue Lake land; also Vīksna parish area is rich of Lakes - Derdziņš, Jūdiņš, Lielais and Mazais Pokuļeva Lake, the Great Sprogu Lake, Little Sprogu (Rēdmaņa) lake.

Number of inhabitants is 793. There are 32 inhabited places in the Vīksna parish. Approximately one quarter of the population live in parish administrative center in the village Vīksna. The largest inhabited places are Annasbirzs, Sprogas, Strauti, Makšinava, Miezāji, Egļukalns, Kuprava and Pokuļeva.

The stories tell that Vīksna (word Vīksna in Latvian means elm) gain it name because of huge elm forest which grown in the parish in the end of 19th century before railway line construction. Great forest massif create border zone between Vidzeme and Latgale.

The most important objects of social infrastructure are parish administrative house, doctor assistants place, Vīksna branch of Stacija primary school, pre-school educational institution and library.

Mostly free time in Vīksna parish is spent by active sport and participation in cultural events, especially by youths.

Leading branches in the economic work are agriculture and forestry. Major companies in the parish are Ltd „Ieviņas 2003” – work branches are trade and rural tourism, company offers practical metal and wood products; IJC „Three oaks (Trīs ozoli)” specializes in the cattle breeding- meet neat breeding and they offer healing bathhouse and horse riding. Farm „Priežusili” working branches are retail business and outing trade services, log buildings and garden furniture manufacturing; IC”Sun of Vīksna (Vīksnas saulīte)” specializes in retail business.

Holiday home Ltd „Ieviņas 2003” in the Egļukalns became to creditable and popular places for travelers, there you can see not only beautiful nature landscapes but also proficient hand works. Family of Zelči which is working in „Ieviņas” gained gratitude in the competition of Latvia lovely gardens.

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