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Monday, 19 March 2012
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Balvi parish center is located in Naudaskalns village. For the first time Balvi parish in historical sources is mentioned in the 16th century. Its current territory is 82.64 km2.

In the center of Naudaskalns all parish community life has been focused- there are administrative house of parish, library, post office, culture and sports center. Well planned facilitated area is located at Naudaskalns reservoir, aside of road Balvi - Rēzekne. There is Castle mound (125 m) nearby the parish - which also give great opportunities for winter activities.

Balvi parish is proud of their poet Leontijs Vizulis, his pseudonym is Bruno Vilks. Photographer Inta Ruka was working here and she was eternalizing rural people here.

Farms "Āzīši", "Užgava", "Upeslīči", "Īves", "Rūķu ligzdas", "Guntiņas", "Siliņi", "Kadiķi" are actively working with manufacturing of agricultural production in the parish. Peat has been produced in the bog of Naudaskalns - "Balvi Flora" and the farm "Dālderi" are growing big berry cranberries. There are lot of blooming flower gardens and well-kept farmhouse in the territory of Balvi parish.

Guest house “Svīres” are working for tourists, there you can enjoy rural silence, relax in the bathhouse and pull out haul in the one of the five fish ponds in the household.

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