Bērzkalne parish

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Monday, 19 March 2012
Last Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2017 16:33

Parish area is ​​102. 8 km². The most part of parish territory is covered by forests; there is also place of Natura 2000 - nature restricted area “Marsh of Stompaki (Stompaku purvs)”. There are 26 settlements in the parish of Bērzkalne; most of them are in the Bērzkalne and Rubeņi.

The most important objects of social infrastructure are administrative house of parish, library, post office and preschools – which is located in the parish center in the Bērzkalne.

Ninth largest stone of Latvia is located in the parish of Bērzkalne - Big Devil’s stone (Lielais vella akmens), which over ground capacity is 45 m³, height is 1.9 m, length is 8.3 m, width is 7 m and perimeter is 24.1 m.

Parish  cultural events take part in the place which is provided for culture and rest and also in the newly built open-air stage - childhood and maturity celebrations, parish sports festivals and celebration of annual ring is organized here.

Inhabitants of Bērzkalne parish mainly work in agriculture and animal cattle breeding - farm “Zīles" and "Pakalni" are growing vegetables and there is grain farm "Rīts", also one wood processing company - Ltd. „Nita AM”,  IK  „Atpūta GPS”  their business is manufacture of fence and its mounting.

Also during several years tourism and rest complex "Vizbules” have been working there, where you can not only sleep and relax in the bathhouse, but also actively relax go for the ride with boats or catamarans and fish in the ponds.

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